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The main objective of the MannheimTaxation (MaTax) ScienceCampus is to foster high-quality research in the broad field of taxation. MaTax brings together researchers from economics, law, business administration and political science. It also serves as a platform for the scientific community and policy-makers to discuss and disseminate research results on taxation. It is a joint initiative of ZEW and the University of Mannheim.

The key research question of MaTax is how tax policy should be designed against the background of international integration and other current economic as well as social challenges.

Applying research methods from economics, law, business, and political science, MaTax researchers explore how tax policy should be designed to overcome these challenges at the domestic, European, and global level.

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Third Annual MaTax Conference

The third edition of the Annual MaTax Conference will take place in Mannheim (Germany) on October 4-5, 2016. We invite submissions on any topics broadly related to tax research, including papers from economics, law, political science, other disciplines, and interdisciplinary contributions. The conference focuses particularly on applied and empirical papers related to business taxation, tax avoidance and evasion, behavioural responses to taxation, tax harmonization in the European Union, political economy of taxation, international taxation, tax law, and taxation of the financial sector. Download of the Conference-Programmes of the MaTax Conference 2015 and the MaTax Conference 2014.

Programme (as PDF file, 98 KB)